Episodes 15 and 16 Up!

Episodes 15 and 16 up!

Episode 15: Nightmare Shadows of Mirkwood
Sweetness takes a look at the Nightmare Versions of The Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle!


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Episode 16: The Mumakil!

Sweetness takes a look at the first quest in the Haradrim Cycle!


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Episodes 12-14 Released!

Episodes 12-14 Are Up!!

Episode 12: The Withered Heath

http://themouthofsauron.libsyn.com/episode-12-the- withered-heath

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Episode 13: The Grey Havens and Dreamchaser Cycle Retrospective
Sweetness has a general discussion about the Grey Havens and The Dreamchaser Cycle.


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Episode 14: Singular Episode, Top Ten Moments

On this Episode Sweetness makes a one time break
from being the Mouth of the Dark Lord and talks
about his favorite moments in and surrounding the


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Win a Copy of Withered Heath!

Want to win a copy of The Withered Heath?

Simply tell me what Side quest appears on both top 5 lists from Episode 11: Side Quest Brace of top Fives, of the Mouth of Sauron Podcast! You can submit your answer via the contact form on this website!

The episode is on the post prior to this one!  Answers must be submitted by August 15, 2018 and a winner will be chosen randomly!

Have a great day!

New Episodes-Ten and Eleven

New Episodes!

EPISODE 10-The Dunland Trap

In this Episode Sweetness looks at the first quest of the Ringmaker Cycle!


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Episode 11-Side Quests: Brace of Top Fives

Sweetness looks at his 5 most difficult Side Quests and his 5 most thematic side quests!


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Episodes 7-9 Released!

Once again the title says it all!

Episode Seven: Escape From Umbar

Sweetness takes a look at Escape from Umbar, the First Quest in the Sands of Harad Box set.


Episode Eight:

Sweetness has a Listo-palooza! Five top 3 lists! Beware they deal with things that range from annoyances to downright dislikes! We hates it precious!


Episode Nine: Khaza Dum and Dwarrowdelf Retrospective!

Sweetness takes a look back and gives his thoughts and feelings on the first deluxe and second cycle for the game!





The Title says it all!  These will be set up and centralized on this page, but for now feel free to follow the individual links to listen to the first 6 episodes!
Episode one, Intruders in Chetwood
Episode two-The Siege of Cair Andros
Episode Three-Top Ten Thematic Treacheries
Episode Four-The Fate of Numenor
Episode Five-The Morgul Vale
Episode Six-Top Ten Most Difficult Non Unique Locations