Episodes 15 and 16 Up!

Episodes 15 and 16 up!

Episode 15: Nightmare Shadows of Mirkwood
Sweetness takes a look at the Nightmare Versions of The Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle!


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Episode 16: The Mumakil!

Sweetness takes a look at the first quest in the Haradrim Cycle!


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Episodes 12-14 Released!

Episodes 12-14 Are Up!!

Episode 12: The Withered Heath

http://themouthofsauron.libsyn.com/episode-12-the- withered-heath

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Episode 13: The Grey Havens and Dreamchaser Cycle Retrospective
Sweetness has a general discussion about the Grey Havens and The Dreamchaser Cycle.


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Episode 14: Singular Episode, Top Ten Moments

On this Episode Sweetness makes a one time break
from being the Mouth of the Dark Lord and talks
about his favorite moments in and surrounding the


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